VP-4260 AHDH

Giá: 1,400,000 đ

Giá thị trường 2,980,000 đ Tiết kiệm: 53%

VP-4260AHDH 4 CHANNEL 1080P (1920x1080) AHD-H


4 CHANNEL 1080P (1920x1080) AHD-H

- Tribrid Digital Recorder 3 in 1: 4CH 10800P (AHDH); 4CH 960H (Analog); 2CH 1080P+ 2CH 720P( IP); and more connection mode optional.
- Image compression H.264
- VGA/ HDMI video output with Full HD resolution
- Support Audio input/output: 1/1 port
- Multi streaming help reducing the network bandwidth
- Support cloud technology for remote viewing and control via P2P
- Support 2 SATA port, HDDs capacity up to 6TB
- Support Web, Smart Phone, Laptop & PC
- Intelligent search and playback
- User friendly interface, easy setup and use

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